Care and maintenance procedures carried out on trees

Trees are an important part of the environment. Living things depend on trees for survival in many ways. Animals and birds find shelter in trees by building their nest or relaxing on them. They also play a significant role in the production of oxygen used by man and animals. Forests help control the temperatures of a particular therefore reducing heat. Now you understand why places with a lot of trees are cooler compared to other bare areas. Many governments advocate for the preservation of forests because of environmental reasons. Practices like deforestation have led to calamities like drought.


Cutting trees may lead to drying up of rivers because they act as water catchment areas. Some preservation measures include planting trees regularly and maintaining them. People have started their tree nurseries where they plant and002 take care of seedlings which they plant in the field on a later date. Maintenance of trees is vital to ensure proper growth. Companies like Surgeon of trees Oxfordshire have specialized in the care and maintenance of trees. They have the right tools and expertise for that kind of job. You should seek their services if you don’t have the right tools for that job. There are different care, and maintenance practices carried out on trees. Here are some of them.


Regular watering

Trees use water as their source of food. Water sucked in through the roots carries dissolved minerals with it. These minerals together with the help of sunlight and carbon dioxide facilitate the production of food in the form of glucose through a process called photosynthesis. Oxygen is also produced and released through the leaves during this process. Water helps in the formation of the green coloring matter in leaves. This explains why watering plants regularly make your plants green.



This involves the use of dead or living materials which are placed on the base of the plant to prevent the loss of moisture. Most gardeners use broad leaves from different plants. The importance of using organic materials is that they decompose to become nutrients used by plants. The water or moisture saved in this process is utilized during photosynthesis. Mulching helps in the control of weeds which may be dangerous to the plant.



003This is the practice of cutting and removing dead parts of the plant. A special tool is used to cut off leaves and branches which are decaying. Such dead parts may lead to stunted growth of your tree. Plucking them off makes your tree healthy and boosts its growth. You should set up a pruning timetable to ensure your tree is well- maintained.