Wood Turning With
Robert Rosand

Robert in the shop
Robert Rosand has been turning wood ever since he dropped out of graduate school in the 70’s. Robert is basically self-taught, the result of holding a book in one hand and a gouge in the other. He has taught and demonstrated his skills for a number of years at national symposia and numerous local American Association of Wood turners chapters. Robert is a past vice president and board member of the AAW. Robert gives individual and small group workshops in his home in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

The Basic Class

Robert’s wood turning instruction centers around projects. He is known throughout the wood turning community for his small projects, items that can be made in a relatively short period of time and also sold successfully at local crafts fairs. Some of the items you can expect to make are; Christmas tree ornaments, lidded boxes, ring holders, oil lamps. Basic instruction includes tool selection and sharpening. You can expect to make a small round skew as well as a bent angle tool and receive instruction in its use.

Class size is limited to three students and is usually smaller.

Bob’s Shop

Student lathes are Myford ML8’s. Oldies, but goodies.

Housing, Food and Directions

Local motels and restaurants are located approximately six miles from Robert’s workshop at exit 232 off of route 80. The cost for The Inn at Buckhorn is approximately $50 per night. The Econolodge is around $70 a night and the Hampton Inn is a bit more pricey at $90 plus per night. On the days that we turn, I make breakfast and lunch since it’s a bit to far to travel.

Econolodge at Exit 232 (570) 387-0490
Inn at Buckhorn at Exit 232 (570) 784-5300
Hampton Inn at Exit 236 (570) 380-1020
Roberts Shop
To get to Robert’s shop, take exit 232 (formerly exit 34) off of route 80. At the light take route 44 north (NOT 42!) 5.2 miles until you come to DUG road on your right. It is a gravel road. Go exactly one mile on Dug road until you come to a split rail fence on your right, there is also a sign with our name hanging on the fence. Turn right on the paved road and go up into the woods. There are two houses there. Susan and I live in the first one. The second one, the one with the garage attached, is my shop. If you are unsure of your directions, please feel free to call me from the intersection of Route 80 (570-784-6158) See attached map.


The fee for group instruction is $125 per person per day based on a day starting at 9 am and ending at 4 pm. The fee for individual one-on-one instruction is $150. If you are fortunate enough to be the only one signed up for a specific day, there is no increase in the fee. A typical class length is two days, but may also be one or three days. Classes are generally run at the beginning of each full week. Other times may be arranged.


Bringing tools is not absolutely necessary, but most people feel comfortable bringing some of their own. It also gives us an opportunity to work on sharpening if needed. The following tools are suggested only. (roughing out gouge, parting tool, 3/8″ and or 1/2″ spindle gouge, 1/2″ skew, round and square nose scrapers, 1/4″ bowl gouge, dust mask, face shield). Safety glasses are required.