Bent Angle Tools

These are the bent angle tools that Bob uses to hollow his Christmas tree ornaments, small hollow forms and lidded boxes. The shaft of the tools are 1/4″ mild steel. Three sixteenths inch high speed steel tool bits have been silver soldered on at about 40 or 42 degrees. The tool comes sharpened and ready to use. These tools are definately not “pretty”, but they do work.

Tool handle length is 10″. You may specify walnut, cherry or ash handles.

The cost is $20 plus shipping.

Round skews

If you do a lot of small work or detailed work, a small round skew is extremely valuable. Bob makes extensive use of this tool in his hands on workshops and virtually all of his small turnings. The tool is made out of 1/4″ round high speed steel, eight inches long.

The tool handle is 10″ long and may be ordered in walnut, cherry or ash. This skew comes sharpened and ready to use.

The cost is $20 plus shipping.

Skew Tip Cloe-Up